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  • Monitoring Water Quality Compliance

  • Safeguarding your Drinking Water Quality

  • Investigating Water Quality Issues

What does the DWQR do?

The Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (DWQR) exists to ensure that drinking water in Scotland is safe to drink. There are two types of water supply in Scotland:

Public Water Supply (Scottish Water)


  • Monitors the quality of water samples taken by Scottish Water
  • Enforces serious breaches of the regulations
  • Checks Scottish Water are taking and analysing samples correctly
  • Inspects Scottish Water’s assets and activities
  • Oversees the quality-driven investment programme
  • Assists consumers where Scottish Water has failed to adequately resolve a complaint

Private Water Supply


  • Reports on the quality of private water supplies
  • Checks that local authorities are regulating private water supplies in their area
  • Provides guidance and clarification to local authorities

The DWQR also ensures accurate, impartial information is available on drinking water quality in Scotland and promotes the use of robust water science.

Find out more about DWQR and how we work